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Bangkok: Thu 9-Jul-2020 15:41 (UTC+7)

BCCT HR Briefing on Talent Attraction and Retention


Pictured from left: BCCT HR Chair/MSIG Senior Vice President Matthew Grose, Khun Rapeeporn Klawtanonk and Shivika Bubber

On Wednesday 24th July, BCCT held an HR Briefing on “Talent Attraction and Retention” at the British Business Centre. Thank you to our wonderful speakers Khun Rapeeporn Klawtanonk, Head of Human Resources, Standard Chartered Bank Thailand and Khun Shivika Bubber, Regional HR Head Australasia, VFS GLOBAL, who both gave a perceptive presentation on the topic that was discussed. Our speakers are experts in the HR field and they have taught us how they crafted a strategy that reaches out to and engages this business-critical challenge.

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