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  1. Supporting BCCT Advocacy with the Advocacy Working Group (50%)

  • Facilitate the effective functioning of Working Groups.
  • Maintain an updated database of government contacts.
  • Support the determination of optimal outcomes and positions on key policy, regulation, and legal matters through engagement via Working Groups. Strive to build consensus within the foreign business community on these points.
  • Support management in achieving the "All WGs active" strategy.
  • Be mindful of BCCT's relative priorities in advocacy points and image.
  • Coordinate small or medium-sized group dialogues with government agencies by directly contacting support, mid-level, and other staff in government agencies or private sector organizations.
  • Assist in the preparation and presentation of written submissions.
  • Summarize and translate a reasonable and manageable volume of Thai/English letters, statements, communications, and documents related to advocacy activities.
  • Prepare draft policy positions occasionally based on provided outlines, concepts, objectives, and research links.
  • Support the preparation and publication of BCCT Business Position Paper.
  • Collaborate with relevant BCCT office bearers to effectively engage multiple Working Groups or, when relevant, external stakeholders outside any WG.
  • Arrange group meetings with government agencies and industry organizations.
  • Organize talks, speaking slots, seminars, conferences, or participate in such events.
  • Provide support to advance the agenda of the BCCT Advocacy Working Group.
  • Prepare and maintain information sources and databases of relevant information (e.g., government contacts by Ministry, Department, or agency) to assist in carrying out other duties.
  • Assist in the preparation of Advocacy Updates and other information and reports for the board or publication.


  1. Supporting bilateral trade agenda with Department for Business and Trade (50%)

  • Act as a Coordinator between DBT and BCCT in providing the information and business insights/challenges/barriers to DBT to be incorporated into the Joint Economic Trade Committee Meeting and Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP) collaboration with Thailand.
  • Meet with the UK businesses on a periodic basis to keep in touch with their market access issues and demonstrate engagement via both official BCCT networking events or individual company visit (if necessary)
  • Liaise, together with DBT, with the trading bodies, regulatory governing institutions, industry-specific associations (e.g. Thai Alcohol Beverage Business Association (TABBA), Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association (PREMA) and FTI, and etc.) to gather insights and seek for their strategic plan and share with DBT in shaping the direction of policy and barrier resolution.
  • Leverage your past experience/connections you had previously with the Thai government authorities and suggest the effective manner to approach the right responsible persons/teams
  • Upon request by DBT, circulate the email to the BCCT members requesting for information that is required by DBT for a support from the business perspective.
  • Build the relationship with all relevant stakeholders including other chambers, associations, advocacy groups, Thai government agencies (e.g. Trade representative, BOI, FDA), and businesses to and suggest opportunities to work together on issues and promote the awareness/importance of 10 for Thailand initiative.
  • Share and continue working with DBT on the findings/barriers discovered from the virtual meetings hosted by BCCT with the members before raising to the Thai Government agencies.
  • Identify common areas of interest/barriers between DBT and BCCT to drive and shape the cohesive strategic plan.
  • Join DBT weekly trade-policy meetings to discuss and steer the delivery of work-plans
  • Assist DBT in arranging the smooth and well-organised UK government/ministerial visits by convening businesses attending the events/group meeting.
  • Other administrative work as requested.

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