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BCCT Webinar #43 - USA-China Relations in Biden Administration

On Tuesday 26th January 2021, BCCT hosted a webinar on:

'USA-China Relations in the Biden Administration'

Speaker Dr. Eden Y Woon, President of Asian Institute of Technology and Former Advisor on China Policy for the US Department of Defence, gave his insights on various key points in different time frames, including:

historical contexts: Enmity, Strategic Triangle, Fall of Soviet Communism, Economic Cooperation, and Increasing Tension,

last 4 years: Trade War, North Korea, Irritants Magnified, COVID, Ideology Dominates, and Strategic Competition, and

next 4 years: COVID, Trade Issues, Global Alliances, Domestic Issues, Ideology Divide, Strategic Competition, and De-coupled/Confrontation or Dialogue/Co-Existence.

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