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Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok


All You Can Eat Dim Sum and Salted Egg York at China Table


 Enjoy with “All you can eat Dim Sum Special” at China Table, Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok.

Along with Dim Sum morsels, China Table’s all-you-can-eat menu includes main course, soup and dessert per person. Among the dim sums many choices are highlights such as: steamed pork ribs in black bean sauce, steamed scallop dumping, deep-fried crab meat with white onion and cream cheese, steamed shrimp with lemon sauce, and steamed pork and shrimp ha gaw. Vegetarian Dim Sum choices available as well.

*Unlimited special menu - Suckling Pig, Pecking Duck, Crispy Pork and Drunken chicken.

 Special menu of January-February “SALTED EGG YOLK” such as Baked salted egg yolk Moji, Salted Egg yolk lava bun and many more.

All You Can Eat Dim Sum Price:

Monday – Friday only THB 770 net

Saturday – Sunday only THB 870 net

**Included tea or Chrysanthemum hot/cold

Operation time:  

Monday – Friday: Lunch 11.30- 14:30 hrs. Dinner 18.30-22.30 hrs.

Saturday – Sunday: Lunch 11.30-15.30 hrs. Dinner 18.30-22.30 hrs.

China Table’s contemporary ambience includes a main dining area with diverse seating arrangements ideal for family gatherings, in addition to elegant private rooms.

For information and reservation, please call 02-302-3333 or

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