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BCCT Members Special Offers - Guidelines


This section on the BCCT website has been designed to allow members to post details of Special Offers, Products and Services that can be offered to other members. Your page will display within the BCCT website and will automatically show details of links back to your own company profile within

Members wishing to particpate should be aware of the following guidelines:


Total text and images should be designed to fit on one page only (approx. A4 equivalent size). Although we are not imposing a limit on how much text and images you use, if a page is too long, or takes too long to load, viewers will be unlikely to view it all and its impact will be lost.


Graphics can be any size up to a maximum size of 600 pixels wide by 400 pixels high (600 x 400) and should be in one of the following formats - GIF, PNG, JPG. Graphics should be optimised for the web so that download times can be kept to a minimum. Note: Flash graphics (SWF format) are no longer accepted.

Please refer to the next section on this page to see examples of the recommended sizes for graphics.


The page can also contain Links, either as hyperlinks or links from images. These links can go to your company's website or to any other location that is relevant to the page content. For example, a link might refer to a product brochure which is available as a download from your own website.

Future enhancements

We are planning to launch an upgrade to the BCCT Member Special Offers section which will enable members to login and update their Special Offers page for themselves. Until this feature is ready, please send your text and graphics to and we will create the page for you.

BCCT Members Special Offers - Recommended Banner Sizes
Banner (468 x 60)
Our Sponsor
Skyscraper (120 x 600) Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600)
Skyscraper Wide Skyscraper
Small Square (200 x 200) Square (250 x 250)
200x200 Medium Rectangle
Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) Large Rectangle (336 x 280)
Medium Rectangle Large Rectangle