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Bangkok: Thu 20-Jun-2019 14:22 (UTC+7)
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Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok



Korean Food Promotion

The Dining Room, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

from now - 19 June 2019

Enjoy an array of Korean delicacies to complement the international buffet for lunch and dinner and Sunday brunch at The Dining Room from 10 to 19 June. Special items will include Kimbap (Korean rice roll, beef, carrot, cucumber ), Bibimbab (Rice, fried egg, Namul vegetable), Haemultang (Korean seafood hot pot), Miyok Guk (Oyster seaweed soup), Kalbi (Korean barbecue beef short ribs), Daeji Bulgogi (Pork, soy sauce, gochujang, garlic, sesame), Daktoritang (Braised chicken, potato, garlic, chili, sesame oil), Japchaebap (Fried rice, red onions, carrots, mushroom, chili), Bossam (Stewed Korean pork belly), Mandu (Minced pork, spring onion, garlic), Sukkbaram Ddeok (Mugwort leaf, filled rick cake), Iced Sujeonggwa Gotgam (Cinnamon punch granite, pine nuts, dried persimmon), Yang Gaeng (Red bean jelly), Hotteok (Cinnamon filled pancakes, pumpkin seed, pine nut), Yakgwa (Korean honey cookies), and many more. Feel free to come and enjoy the Korean dining experience at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok.

The Dining Room from now - 19 June 2019

Monday - Friday
Lunch: 12.00 PM – 2.30 PM, THB 1,300++ per person

Lunch: 12.00 PM – 2.30 PM, THB 1,590++ per person

Lunch: 12.00 PM – 3.00 PM, THB 2,200++ per person

Sunday - Thursday
Dinner: 6.00 PM – 10.00 PM, THB 1,790++ per person

Friday - Saturday
Dinner: 6.00 PM – 10.00 PM, THB 2,290++ per person

The Dining Room, at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, is located on the Lobby Level and opens daily from 6.00 am – 10.00 pm

For reservations, please call our food and beverage reservation center on 0 2254 6250 or email

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