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What is the easiest way to get the attention of top candidates?

Pay close attention because I’m about to reveal the winning strategy to attract the best talent before your competitors beat you to it!

Top performers are as curious as everyone else when looking at a new job opportunity. 

They don’t think like those unemployed, between jobs as we say. They are not like those who are less concerned about what they work as long as it comes with a paycheck. 

  • Top performers aren’t just browsing job listings out of desperation or boredom. They’re professionals at the top of their game, deeply invested in their careers. They won’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. If your job listing doesn’t scream superiority over their current role, consider them gone.
  • If the top performers do not see any indication that the job is superior to – or better – than the job they already have, you have lost it.

Do you agree with these statements?

💥 They lose interest fast. Fail to highlight why your job is a significant upgrade, and they’re out the door, never to return. Read more…

Why are most job descriptions so boring? 

Let’s get real: most job descriptions are downright boring. Read more…

Recruiting is also marketing

Recruiting isn’t just about filling positions; it’s about selling a vision. Read more…

A “better job” job description describes a better job

This includes the challenges involved on the job, some of the big projects the person will likely work on, how these will impact the organization, what the person will learn, and how the person will grow. Read more…

PS… the bottom line: To attract top talent, your job descriptions must do more than list qualifications. They must paint a picture of an irresistible career move. Focus on the benefits to the candidate, and watch your recruitment game reach new heights.

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