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Do you believe this? Easy to find candidates but difficult to hire!


How much longer can you keep your head buried in the sand, like the ostrich, pretending there isn’t a problem with your recruitment when there is one?


In the ostrich effect, people bury their heads in the sand. It's ridiculous but we are very dumb at times.


Test yourself with these 8 questions

If you say no to even one of the 8 questions below, my qualified guess is that you are frustrated. But check it out yourself.


The first of 8 questions

Do you see enough candidates from your industry and direct competitors?


Continue here to the other 7 questions. How good are you doing?


  • If you answered YES to all the questions, you can stop reading now. I’m impressed. You are truly exceptional, and I congratulate you and your team.
  • If you said NO to even one of the 8 questions, my qualified guess is that you are frustrated and not entirely happy with how your company finds, qualifies, and manages the hiring process.


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Only 16% of a population is looking for jobs!

For Thailand in particular, only half of the higher-educated Thais have a LinkedIn profile and 86% of LinkedIn members in Thailand are below 35. Add to that, very few use their profile actively daily. Read more


What fee do you pay an executive search firm?

The number of recruitment companies in Thailand is relatively low compared to other markets in the region. Only a handful of firms in Thailand qualify for the label Headhunters, Executive Search & Recruitment. Read more…


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