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Resumes lifted from LinkedIn and job boards is not 

executive search



Finding a name in today’s wired and increasingly smaller world is obviously a piece of cake. 

But finding a name easily does not mean it’s easy to find a suitable person to hire. 

The truth is: Easy to find = But difficult to hire.

After you have that name and LinkedIn profile, just reaching out and asking the person if she is interested in a new job will surely not cut it. 

But then again, this is the question inexperienced recruiters, corporate or recruitment companies, gladly ask right after they have introduced themselves. 

Few in HR find cold calling someone and selling a job opportunity to their liking. And yes, a huge part of recruitment is Sales with a capital S.


Did job boards push aside recruiters?

Some predicted it was the end for headhunters and the like. However, despite these initiatives the recruitment industry is doing well, thank you. 

What are other reasons that the executive search and recruitment industry will never be pushed aside? Read more…


Some have taken down their LinkedIn profile

I know of some who have taken down their LinkedIn profile or made the profiles private to avoid being chased by desperate and hungry corporate and recruitment recruiters. 

The reason? Just being fed up receiving calls or emails every day asking if they want another job. Read more…


Ask your preferred job board provider for their candidate demographics

One of the major job board players in Thailand will tell you that around 90% of their candidates are younger than 30 years of age, earn less than 100,000 a month, and have no bachelor's or master’s degree. 


Now tell me if that looks like a good place to find someone to fill your next Finance Director or other senior executive position. Read more…


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