Brighton College International School, Bangkok

Brighton College Bangkok COBIS Awards


Brighton College Bangkok is proud to announce the remarkable achievements of its students in the prestigious COBIS Student Achievement Awards. COBIS, representing over 240 schools globally, recognises exceptional student accomplishments through these annual awards.

Three pupils in particular were recognised with attributes that closely match the school's own aims and ethos of curiosity, confidence, and kindness.

T.A. has been honoured for her outstanding academic performance. Throughout her academic journey at Brighton College, T.A. has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence, achieving remarkable results. Additionally, she has actively raised awareness about issues affecting young women in society through her podcast and community initiatives.

Mook's dedication to improving the lives of marginalised individuals is commendable. Despite her young age, Mook has already made significant contributions, including the publication of a paper documenting her contribution to helping non-verbal individuals with autism in Thailand communicate through the development of an innovative app.

Kaptan embodies the core value of kindness, highly esteemed at Brighton College. He consistently volunteers his time and efforts to support others, regardless of the scale or complexity of the task, always with a positive attitude. As a key member of the pupil council, Kaptan exemplifies the student body's values with distinction.

In addition to these individual achievements, Brighton College Bangkok continues to excel in university placements, with students receiving offers from a diverse range of prestigious institutions worldwide. This success is attributed to the school's supportive teaching environment, which empowers students to achieve exceptional outcomes, coupled with expert university guidance.

Brighton College Bangkok is immensely proud of its students' accomplishments and remains committed to fostering a supportive and empowering learning environment for all its pupils.



Brighton College Bangkok has achieved impressive academic results with a proven track record. Over the last three years, its A-level and GCSE outcomes have consistently surpassed the averages of all schools in the UK as well as those of all independent schools.



This results in pupils receiving offers from outstanding universities worldwide. Exceptional results are complemented by experienced guidance counsellors, including experts from Brighton College UK. This year, an impressive number of pupils received scholarships for both sports and academic pursuits.


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