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Get through first 5 minutes of interview – or fail!




The candidate’s first 5 minutes of an interview establish the critical foundation, likability. Indisputable evidence provided by analytics.

All other discussions in the job interview will be based on likability.

Likability can be defined as having a nice, pleasant, and agreeable personality. It is being cooperative, friendly, and socially accepted by others. Likeable people tend to endear themselves to others and make friends easily. 


The 7-38-55 Rule in communication 

Your first 5 minutes is about the knowing and, most importantly, the liking. 

If this is successfully accomplished, the rest of the interview is about trusting; so the interviewer trusts that you can meet the job requirements and exceed expectations. Read more…

The 80% Rule when interviewing 

You know the cliché, we seldom get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Before you even open your mouth to say hello, the interviewer is already forming an opinion about you by looking at the following. Read more…


First impressions in video interview

It’s equally important that your first few seconds in a Zoom or Teams video interview are appropriately and confidently planned. Be on guard from the second you are online. Read more…


6 interview questions you should be ready for

Some or all of the following six interview questions will very likely be used in any type of interview. Read more…


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