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I withdrew my candidacy recently from a company I really liked



If your recruitment processes are clumsy or hiring managers are not trained on how to interview and hire, talented candidates move on. 

Being an international company with a fancy brand, a beautiful office in the Central Business District, and a foreign CEO running the country and region is not enough to attract top talent. 

Let’s say you have managed to get some talented candiates to accept an invitation to come to your office to interview with you and/or the hiring manager.

  • Have you informed your receptionist that so and so candidate is coming for an interview today? Have you instructed the receptionist to greet the candidate by name and say welcome, thank you for coming. 
  • Have you checked that the office lobby area is presentable and free of clutter and office supply deliveries?
  • Have you checked that the meeting room is set up properly? Chairs are back under the table? The whiteboard is wiped clean and no leftover coffee cups from prevous meetings?
  • Have you booked the meeting room from 30 minutes before the interview start, so the candidate coming early don’t have to wait in the lobby area?

Has HR/TA printed all supporting docments to the hiring manager; such as resume, interview questions, psychometric assessment report, and what about the company brochure/flyer that the candidate can take back home?

A lack of a warm welcome, a disorganized meeting room, or an interviewer arriving late can give candidates the impression that your company is not organized or professional.

Respect your job candidate's time, or you may find yourself starting over.


I withdrew my candidacy from a company I really liked

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