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Special Offer for BCCT Members: Elevate Your Professional Skills with Phoenix Media! 



Elevate your professional capabilities with Phoenix Media Partners' language solutions, tailored exclusively for members of the British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (BCCT).

This unique opportunity is designed to refine your linguistic proficiency and support your career growth.

Embark on a transformative journey with Mondly Business, a cutting-edge language learning platform developed by Pearson. With over 1300 meticulously crafted courses in 41 languages, Mondly Business is designed to enhance your global communication skills and expand your cultural understanding.

Additionally, explore the Versant English Tests, offering flexible and AI-powered language assessments. Gain valuable insights into your linguistic proficiency aligned with global standards, empowering you to confidently navigate international professional environments.

For a nominal fee of 699 THB per person for a six-month Mondly subscription and a special rate of 750 THB per Versant test, BCCT members can take advantage of these invaluable resources to support their professional development.

In addition, we are providing the Versant Test at a special price of 750 THB per test.

MONDLY by Pearson is the future of business language learning, offering a unique solution with over 1300 courses in 41 languages, leveraging cutting-edge technology for global impact



VERSANT English Tests by Pearson offer flexible, AI-powered language assessments for businesses and institutions, providing instant, detailed insights into candidates' proficiency aligned with global standards.


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