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What we look at first on your LinkedIn profile?


You could be at the receiving end of an unfair and unpleasant judgement if your LinkedIn profile is outdated, old-fashioned, and no longer relevant.

Our brains are wired to automatically judge others' looks, behaviours, social media profiles (including LinkedIn), and even resumes.


Like it or not, people are judgemental

So whether you like it or not, research shows that after scanning over the visual elements of your profile i.e. your photograph and background image, we check the few lines just below your name.

Then jump straight to the Experience section. And back to About. Read more…


Your LinkedIn “shopwindow” must be exeptional

I use the word “shopwindow” to make you think about shopwindows in a shopping mall. 

The real shopping mall shopwindow and your LinkedIn profile are both meant to showcase the “products”. How do you make it exceptional? Read more…


Must-have in your LinkedIn Experience section

Sometimes, I see no additional information under each employment and experience. It’s empty or at other times, it’s packed with irrelevant information about the company.

It’s a fine balance of having just enough information that will attract recruiters and hiring companies to reach out to you. What is the best practice for Experience? 
Read more…


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