Ascott International Management (Thailand)




From left to right:

Ms. Joanne Chung, Country Director of Sales & Marketing, Thailand & Laos, The Ascott Limited

Mr. Kanit Sangmookda, Country General Manager, Thailand & Laos, The Ascott Limited

M.D. Tawan Chitchulanon, Assistant to Chief Executive Officer, Vimut Hospital

Ms. Ketsara Prugsapramool, International Affairs Director, Vimut Hospital


Bangkok, Thailand – 25 April 2024 – The Ascott Limited (Thailand) and Vimut Hospital announced today an extension of the successful partnership, solidifying the unwavering dedication to guest satisfaction and healthcare excellence.


This enhanced partnership reaffirms Ascott's dedication to delivering outstanding services to its esteemed guests. Guests will continue to enjoy convenient access to Vimut Hospital's comprehensive healthcare services throughout their stay, including routine check-ups, personalized consultations, and telemedicine options. This customized healthcare experience enriches the overall guest journey for Ascott residents.


Vimut Hospital patients will also benefit from this extended partnership. Ascott's commitment to hospitality extends to Vimut Hospital patients through exclusive benefits such as special discounts on accommodations, curated room packages, and additional amenities, fostering a more enriching recovery experience.


"We are pleased to announce the continuation of our partnership with Vimut Hospital," said Mr. Kanit Sangmookda, Country General Manager, Thailand & Laos, The Ascott Limited. "This emphasizes our commitment to delivering outstanding services and creating unparalleled guest experiences."


M.D. Tawan Chitchulanon, Assistant to Chief Executive Office, Vimut Hospital, echoed Mr. Sangmookda's sentiment. "The continuation of our partnership with Ascott reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare," M.D. Tawan Chitchulanon stated. "We are excited to continue prioritizing the health and well-being of both our patients and Ascott's guests.”


This strengthened partnership reflects Ascott and Vimut’s unwavering commitment to providing seamless, holistic, and exceptional experiences for their residents, travelers, and patients. Together, we are setting new standards for excellence in our respective industries.


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