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Be careful using OpenToWork 

on your LinkedIn profile




If you don’t want your boss or colleagues to know that you are job hunting, you must know how to use (or not use) the Open-to-Work on your LinkedIn profile.

If you’re looking for a job, or perhaps just open to hearing about job opportunities in the market while still being employed, you can let recruiters or all LinkedIn members know.


What is OpenToWork on LinkedIn?

It was mid-year 2020 that LinkedIn introduced the feature called 'Open To Work' that activates a section on your LinkedIn profile.

The photo frame around your personal photograph will be shown if you choose option (b); it's your choice. 

(a) Companies who have the LinkedIn product called Recruiter

(b) Everyone that looks at your profile – including your boss and colleagues

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6 steps to add OpenToWork on LinkedIn profile

When you fill in your job preferences in the window that popped up you will also be asked these two questions. Read more…


Is OpenToWork a sign of desperation?

Some will tell you that the OpenToWork frame is a sign of panic and desperation. Obviously, it’s easy for people with a secure job and income to say this. Read more…


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