Oozou Co., Ltd

Crafting beautiful digital products with OOZOU, a BCCT Member


As a member of the BCCT, we are excited to connect with the esteemed members of the chamber. Please allow us to introduce ourselves:


Who We Are:


OOZOU is a leading digital agency capable of designing and developing very high quality web and mobile applications end-to-end. We provide a wide range of services to help you realise your project goals, from defining your product all the way through design, development, infrastructure, support and growth.


Our Expert Team:


We are a team of over 100 employees including 80+ experienced engineers and talented designers ready to transform your digital ideas into beautiful products to delight your customers.


Global Presence:


With offices in Europe, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong and strong teaming partnerships with several of the top global consulting firms, we are able to successfully deliver projects at any scale.


If this sounds of interest or if you have a specific requirement, we would be happy to arrange a short introductory call to tell you more about OOZOU. Please feel free to connect with us via business@oozou.com


We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and discuss how OOZOU can contribute to the success of your upcoming projects.