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LinkedIn set-up if between jobs or running your own business


Do you act ignorant and pretend you forgot to update your LinkedIn profile when you are unemployed (between jobs)?

What are the do’s and don’ts on LinkedIn when you are the founder of your own company? 

LinkedIn is not a legal online document

Your LinkedIn profile is not a legal online document; it’s your personal marketing pitch. 

Your pitch on your LinkedIn profile is a statement of your key skills and the value you can bring to any organisation you're hoping to work for. 

The purpose of your profile is not to get a job but to get the internal or external recruiter so interested in your profile that they want to talk to you. 

It’s that screening or job interview that may lead to the job offer that leads to being employed again.

It is your decision how you present yourself and how you brand your career and work experience. It’s not the place to tell the world everything about your life.

Settings when unemployed (between jobs)

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Settings when doing consulting work while job hunting?

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Best practices when managing your own company

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