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Break these 6 rules when job searching




Break the first rule that says your resume must show every job you have ever had in your career. 

Your resume is a marketing document, not a legal one to be used in a Court of Law. 

Detail your work experience over the last 10 years and a maximum of 15. Jobs older than 10-15 can be summarized in one line. Example:

Previous employments: Various leadership and commercial positions in FMCG and Retail in Southeast Asia and Europe. 


Recruiters search for hard skills – not soft

Break the second rule that suggests you list your soft skills in the resume and LinkedIn profile. 

Your soft skills are best shown at the job interview and it’s your hard skills you must highlight in your resume and LinkedIn profile. Recruiters use hard skills to find you – not soft skills. Read more…


Online applications mean tossing resumes in Black Holes

Break the third rule and drop applying for jobs online. It’s a total waste of time. 

Keep dreaming that someone is going to get back to you. Read more…


Stop the job interview and leave if you had enough

Doesn’t matter if you are on a Zoom call for a job interview or in the meeting room meeting the HR Manager.

Break the fourth rule which says you cannot end a job interview early. Of course, you can. Say this. Read more…


Photos are for models and bartenders

There are two sides to this argument. It depends on which side of the table you are sitting on; are you the hiring manager or the candidate?

Break the fifth rule if you are the candidate. A photo on your resume will be used against you! Period. Read more…


Objectives and references have no place on a resume

Recruiters and hiring managers don’t really care about your objective. We want to know what you can do for them. 

The phrase “references available upon request” at the bottom of a resume is old-fashioned and should not be used. Read more… 


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