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Does it matter that 86% of LinkedIn members in Thailand are below 35?




Of course, it does. When seeking to hire senior executives for your management positions, it's important to understand that you are fishing in a limited pool of senior talent on LinkedIn.

Fresh research from February 2024 (time of writing this blog) by NapoleonCat has unveiled some fascinating insights:

  • There were 5,223,000 LinkedIn users in Thailand, which accounts for 7% of its entire population.
  • People aged 18 up to 34 were the largest LinkedIn user group (4,500,000) and represent 86% of all members in Thailand.
  • Just 1% of the 5+ million users are 55 years or older.
  • There are 58 million users in Thailand on Facebook and 19 million on Instagram.

See image of Thailand's stats

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