Richard James Rogers (Educational Consultancy)

Richard James Rogers: Award-Winning Author Takes on Agile Leadership with Scrum Certification



In the dynamic realm of education and corporate training, there are individuals who not only excel but redefine success with their diverse skill set and unwavering dedication. Richard James Rogers is undeniably one such luminary whose recent achievement as a Certified ScrumMaster® adds another feather to his cap, solidifying his position as a multifaceted professional in education and corporate training.


Richard's journey is a tapestry woven with accolades, expertise, and a passion for transforming individuals and teams. As the proud recipient of the Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal in 2020 for his book, 'The Quick Guide to Classroom Management,' Richard showcased his mastery in educational strategies, a talent that has been honed over years of international school teaching since 2008. Armed with a PGCE and QTS, Richard's commitment to quality education has been the cornerstone of his thriving career.

However, Richard's story doesn't stop within the confines of the classroom. This month, he celebrated a significant milestone by becoming a Certified ScrumMaster®, a testament to his continuous pursuit of excellence and versatility. Scrum, an Agile project management technique, has gained widespread acclaim for its effectiveness in enhancing team productivity. Richard's decision to embrace Scrum adds a powerful tool to his repertoire, enabling him to further empower individuals and organizations in their pursuit of peak performance.


At the heart of Richard's success lies his business, which offers professional training in Public Speaking, Executive Coaching, and now, Agile Project Management. His dedication to providing high-quality, practical training experiences has made him a trusted name in Bangkok's business community, where he is widely admired and respected.

Richard's unique blend of international teaching experience, coaching expertise, and now, Scrum certification, positions him as an invaluable asset for corporations seeking to elevate their teams to new heights. His impact is not only felt through his training programs but also through the success stories of individuals and organizations that have benefited from his guidance.

In a world where adaptability and innovation are crucial, Richard James Rogers stands out as a shining example of continuous learning and growth. As a Certified ScrumMaster®, he is poised to lead teams towards greater efficiency, collaboration, and success. The education and corporate training landscape are richer with professionals like Richard, whose dedication and expertise leave an indelible mark on the path to excellence.


If you would like to contact Richard to discuss corporate training opportunities then you can email him at (English). If you prefer to communicate in Thai, then you can contact his Personal Assistant (Khun Poi) at