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This claim by HR and hiring managers is bollocks


The claim that “I just know immediately when I meet the candidate” is bollocks. A load of nonsense. Don't fall for it. Experts call it lazy recruitment.

It's incredibly naive to believe that you can accurately assess a candidate's qualifications in just a few minutes. 

Relying on your gut feeling is a subjective and flawed experience. Your gut is often wrong due to biases that cloud your judgment.

Your gut feeling is a subjective experience. Often, your gut is just plain wrong—because it's subject to biases. 

We usually overestimate our abilities, failing to get feedback on our decision-making mistakes and therefore not learning from them. And we conveniently forget about the times when trusting our guts led to poor decisions.

It's important to be aware of our unconscious biases and try to override them when making decisions. 


One chance to make a good first impression

You have surely heard that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. 

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Presentation over performance is the Four A Candidate

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Asking the right questions, know first what you are looking for

So before you head for the meeting room to meet your first candidate, start preparing days ahead of your first meeting. 


If the candidate keeps saying “we”, ask who is “we” and you will often find out that it was a colleague and the candidate just happened to be in the meeting room. Continue reading…


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