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1 of 4 new employees cried within first week of joining new company




And it gets worse. Almost half of new employees say they have had regrets or second thoughts about starting their job within the first week.


Shockingly, new hires will decide whether they will commit to your company or leave during the first seven weeks on the job.

  • 70% of new hires decide whether a job is the right fit within the first month—including 29% who know within the first week.
  • On average, companies have 44 days to influence a new hire's long-term retention.
  • 23% of employees admit they've cried within a week of joining their new company.
  • 1 in 5 workers (20%) say their company doesn’t do anything specific to help new employees make friends and find support among their coworkers.

New eployees say it's important for onboarding to include training on the tools and software the company uses—and cnsider it crucial to onboarding.

Nearly all new hires also want onboarding to include an introduction to employee guidelines and the company's mission statement and values.

New Hires Value Workplace Friendships More Than Meeting the CEO.


You are only halfway when employment contract signed

The pre-boarding that leads into on-boarding starts the day when you and the candidate sign the employment agreement. Not and never ever on the first working day. That’s way too late and too risky. Continue to read…


List of pre-boarding activities

The pre-boarding period runs from the day you and the candidate sign the employment agreement and through (perhaps many months) to the first working day.

  • Offer a show-up bonus. But include in the employment contract that the show-up bonus must be repaid if the candidate leaves within 12 months. Continue to read…


End of probationary period

Do not let it pass unnoticed. Take the trouble to reassure, encourage and redirect the employee at this stage, otherwise, the employee may assume incorrectly that the performance is perfect. Continue to read…

👏Be creative and you will have deserved the champagne when your candidate turns up on day one. Good luck.


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