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❤️ How Valentine would select his HR Director





The overwhelming demand for HR talent clearly outstrips the supply. Thailand is simply not producing and graduating enough HR people. 

How would Saint Valentine, the reason for celebrating Valentine’s Day in February, select his HR Director?

There is no doubt in my mind why the demand for really pro HR talent has surged. 

International companies can see in other countries, where they operate, how top HR managers and directors work as real business partners to the Managing Director. 

These companies realise how much more value is coming from the HR desks nowadays. Thailand should be no different, right?


We are talking about a missing generation

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  • What does the labour law say about the probation period? 
  • If you wish to terminate an employee’s employment, what advance notice must you give according to the labour law? 
  • If the person you wish to terminate is still in the probation period, what is the advance notice?

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