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2 ways recruiters try to cheat you




Recruiters or criminals? Not sure what to call them. But whoever they are, it sure gives the recruitment profession a bad name.

I know from experience that candidates, even top executives, will share their most private and personal data just because I say: “Hey there, I’m a headhunter.”

Obviously, with my 20 years in Thailand’s executive recruitment space, dealing with headhunting of top executives every single day, people I and my team reach out to do not need to worry. 

In Spam Number 1 below, I share my own experience that happened just weeks ago.

Out of the blue I received these messages on my WhatsApp and started to talk back and forth. Interestingly, a friend of mine had just days earlier shared a similar story. 


Spam number 1, happened to me recently

  • I'm Kanittha from Boyden Recruitment Agency (Thai). Are you interested in working remotely? Our Thai partner company is recruiting new staffs. Can I share more details with you? Continue reading…


Spam number 2

A recruiter reaches out to you with an amazing opportunity and requests to have your resume. In good faith, trusting you are dealing with a genuine and honest recruiter, you immediately email your resume. Continue reading…


Learn how to spot them before they get you

You can spot them before they get you – of course only if you know what to look for. When you get a call from someone presenting himself as a recruiter, by all means, listen and talk. But do this. Continue reading…


How to detect the spammer

If you are impressed by the approach from a recruiter or love the candidate profiles you are presented, then ask to “meet” the recruiter on a video conference call. Continue reading…


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