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Top 5 blogs of 46 in 2023

Here are the most popular blogs from 2023. Click the subject line and read the blogs one more time. Enjoy.

Are you paying enough for external recruitment services?

·         Recruiters are pulling wool over your eyes; deceiving and misleading you to hide what is really going on behind the scenes. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry can set up a recruitment business, so not a surprise that the concepts of moral right and wrong are relative and mean different things to Dick and Harry.


Never too late to learn best practices in writing resume and LinkedIn

·         Years ago, I used to get bothered when I met a candidate who just paid money to a so-called resume writer. Cheated or ignorance? Ever wondered why you do not get more interviews or perhaps more invitations on your LinkedIn profile?


Think twice when using OpenToWork on LinkedIn

·         Some will tell you that the OpenToWork frame is a sign of panic and desperation. That it turns off recruiters and should not be added to your LinkedIn profile. Obviously, it’s easy for people with a secure job and income to say this.


3 reasons to move HR under Marketing Department

·         Marketing builds corporate brands but too many in HR destroy it by unprofessional behaviour and lack of attention from their CEO. Shooting yourself in the foot comes to mind. Did your mom not tell you about the moral principle known as the Golden Rule?


5 things to take off your resume right now

·         Are you sure your resume lives up to 2023 standards? Few people know how to write a professional resume that gets attention and get a recruiter to reach out. Doesn’t it seem like fashion in writing profiles keep changing? And why not when fashion does so in clothing, cars, buildings, eyewear, and you name it?


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