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The Construction Permit for the Luxury Sathon Condo

has been revoked

The Central Administrative Court revoked a construction permit and an environment impact assessment (EIA) report of a Sathorn Condominium because the actual project construction’s size is larger than the permitted size of land, resulting in non-compliance with clause 5 of the Ministerial Regulation No. 33 (B.E. 2535) issued by virtue of Building Control Act (“BCA”) . This luxurious condominium is comprised of 36-storey twin towers, including 755 units, 275 automatic parking spaces, and 158 traditional parking lots.

In accordance with clause 5 of the Ministerial regulation No. 33, any high-rise building or extra high-rise building, which is constructed on the land of its location , shall have the ratio of total floor area of all floors of every building to the land area of its location not exceeding 10 to 1.


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