Valia Hotel Bangkok

Eastern Elixir Social Lounge & Bar at Valia Hotel Bangkok

A new Speakeasy Bar in Bangkok, the one and only! Ready to take you into a world of uniqueness and exclusivity




Savor a premium menu with exclusive crafted cocktails made just for you, accompanied by the secret ingredient, Essentials Elixir, of your choice. All in the extravagant ambiance in the heart of Sukhumvit at the Valia Hotel Bangkok


At Eastern Elixir Social Lounge & Bar, the newest bar in town, take your first step in experiencing the allure of mystery with grand doors and the Elixir Guard. The red carpet will lead you into a world of premium elegance, highlighted by the opulent and oriental-inspired design, decorated with various art pieces and furnishings. This unique setting combines with distinctive food and drinks to create a truly exceptional experience.




Start a new experience that's unlike any other, where you can savor premium, handcrafted spirits and a wide array of choices before you decide on a drink that might just become your new favorite.


Furthermore, every cocktail at Eastern Elixir Social Lounge & Bar features a secret ingredient known as Essentials Elixir, which is considered one of the highlights of the establishment. You can choose and create a distinct taste of your own special secret ingredient. These exquisite concoctions are expertly crafted by our experienced Elixir Mixed Master.


All of our cocktails are sweetened exclusively with natural fruit juices, with absolutely no added sugar or sweeteners. We also use Sparkling Mineral Water instead of soda to enhance the overall taste and quality of our beverages. Additionally, you can order tonic or fruit juice to further elevate the flavor of your preferred drink, and this enhancement comes at no extra cost.




Uncover the art of mixology and savor our exclusive signature cocktails at Eastern Elixir Social Lounge & Bar. Introducing the star of our menu, the 'Geisha Martini' – a captivating cocktail with an exceptional flavor profile, fusing the invigorating Umeshu essence with Japanese vodka for a unique taste. Another standout is the 'Pheromones' cocktail, known for its balanced sweetness and refreshing flavor, enriched with Melon Liqueur, perfect for cocktail newcomers to the world of cocktails.


Begin your culinary journey with our exquisite menu. Start by savoring the exceptional Oscietra Caviar, celebrated as the finest quality caviar from the Caspian and Black Seas. Delight in its luxurious and velvety taste, perfectly paired with toasted brioche and accompaniments. Explore the Mediterranean with our Mezze platter, featuring classic items like hummus, moutabal, baba ghanoush, and vine leaves, each offering an authentic taste of the Mediterranean. Finish with crêpes Suzette, a classic French dessert – soft, luscious crepes flambéed with a tangy citrus sauce, creating a delectable harmony of flavors.


Opening hours:           19.00 hrs – 01.00hrs daily

Address:                          6th floor at Valia Hotel Bangkok

Call:                                 + 66 2 483 3999





Hashtag:                      #easternelixir


Dress code:                    Smart casual