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Cultural assessment and team development tools – Offer.




Olive Training Consultants are partners with the UK’s CultureActive, an award-winning suite of online tools for companies, global organisations and independent professionals working internationally. Develop cultural agility and improve personal, team and organisational performance by learning to work in partnership across diverse cultures and:


  • Identify your cultural style and adapt your approach situationally.
  • Explore areas of commonality and divergence, paving the way to success.

Mirrored on the world-famous Richard Lewis Cultural model and used by business leaders, professionals, politicians, diplomats and academics in industry groups and sectors across the world.



Find out your own cultural style and compare it to your target country.

Are you typical of your nationality? CultureActive’s groundbreaking interface integrates personal and country profiles, offering a myriad of perspectives from which to compare yourself with target cultures, your co-workers and negotiating partners.

Use the Horizons tool to explore cultural differences and identify common ground – bringing concrete benefits to personal and team performance:

  • Be understood
  • Gain trust
  • Achieve consensus
  • Sell to your target markets

Assessments available in 12 languages.

Team Development

Boost communication and promote understanding to improve performance within multicultural and distributed teams.

CultureActive brings together your cultural profile with that of your team, helping everyone manage everyday interactions, enhancing collaboration and connection.

Our unique focus on communication, values and interaction styles provides a practical framework, readily understandable and immediately applicable to real-life situations. Particularly invaluable during periods of transition, in organisations expanding into new territories, or managing mergers and acquisitions across cultures.

Identify how your cultural style impacts colleagues, across 50 key areas including:

  • Thinking
  • Decision-making
  • Communication patterns
  • Leadership styles



360° Feedback System

Our new 360° Feedback System is the next step in cross-cultural team-building.

Applying the proven CultureActive model to team dynamics, this versatile and exclusive tool goes beyond national culture to illuminate how individuals perceive their personal working styles, setting it alongside how they are perceived by others.


Teams work with accredited CultureActive trainers to analyse the feedback and identify clear and practical action points to deepen communication, secure common investment in established processes, and transform collective performance. These powerful sessions provide a safe environment for team self-reflection with a quantifiable impact on motivation, satisfaction and collaboration.

Country Reports

Roadmaps to 105 cultures.
CultureActive’s extensive online resource of more than 100 National Cultural profiles draws on decades of research and fieldwork, supplemented by regular feedback from cross-culture professionals working on the ground globally.

 20,000 interactive profile comparisons allow you to compare your core values, beliefs and communication style with that of your target cultures.


  • Establish trust and credibility
    • Identify common ground and build consensus
    • Develop your awareness of cultural hot spots
    • Navigate cultural norms and customs (e.g., meetings protocol, managing assumptions and expectations.


For any Organisation who are interested in one of Olive Training Consultants’ cross-cultural programmes, we will add in the cultural assessment tool for all each participant without cost; individual licenses are usually charged at THB5000 per participant.


For details contact us or visit our website: www.olivetrainers.com