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Tom Sorensen | NPAworldwide

5 tips to fight counter-offers


There is nothing as frustrating as getting a call from the candidate, who recently signed your employment contract, that he has accepted a counter-offer to stay with his current employer.

It is no longer uncommon for new employees to walk away from an offer that they have already signed and accepted. Or even worse, they are no-shows on the starting date. 

The counter-offer has become part of many companies' strategy to keep salary costs down until they absolutely have to pay their best talent. 


The kind of telephone call we hate

It's this kind of call that all recruiters and hiring managers hate to get. It usually goes like this. Read more…


Counter-offers rear its ugly head as employers fight for talent

It has been two to three years of hiring freeze for many during COVID-19, there have been staff layoffs, and many people hesitating to change jobs. Read more…


Pre-boarding is different from On-boarding

Pre-boarding is what you do from the job offer process and leading up to the new hire’s first day at work. On-boarding, on the other hand, is: Read more…


How will the candidate handle a counter-offer?

Ask these great questions to create awareness about the counter-offer. Preventing your candidate from being pushed hard by their boss is to ensure that the boss does not make one in the first place. Read more…


Claim for damages if a candidate fails to come 

Copy/paste this clause into your employment agreements that claim damages for failure to report for work. It may at least give someone second thoughts before jumping ship. Read more…


You are only halfway when employment contract signed

Use this list of on-boarding activities in the pre-boarding process. Don't even think that you are home and dry just because the employment agreement is signed. You are only halfway. Read more…


Be creative and you will have deserved the champagne when your candidate turns up on day one. Good luck.


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