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LOL! Naive? Hiring companies think recruiters

work harder when competing on a job search




Totally not true. Don’t believe it. Recruitment firms do not work harder if competing with another recruitment company.  


On the contrary. Let me explain.


Most recruitment agencies compete on price and not on service or the quality of candidates. 


A “contingency” recruitment firm will only be able to invoice their client if their candidate is hired. Only then will the recruitment firm receive an income and the recruitment consultant a commission.


The root cause is that clients only pay a fee when hiring a candidate who was presented by the recruitment agency. The method is called success-based and hence the term contingency recruiters because getting a fee is contingent on hiring.


Recruiters of course know that client companies often multi-list their job openings. 

Because all that the clients have to do is sign a document that confirms they will pay a fee if they hire. 


Consequently, there is neither commitment nor any risk for the clients. But unknowingly, inexperience perhaps, hiring client companies are shooting themselves in the foot. 


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