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Discover the Winning Sales System You Need For Your Remote Sales Team


As Executives and Managers, one common challenge we are faced with is how to find time to train team members. You know how to train your staff but it takes time you don’t have.

Since 2002, I have actively developed a solution sales systemic process that produces results. 14 years ago I wrote and published a book to provide soft skills training to veterans returning from war. It is free to borrow on Amazon Kindle:  

The system is simple: ADAPT

Analyse, Develop, Assess, Prioritize and Time Management.

Distilling several years of sales experience into a format that works across diverse industries and is applicable for corporate training – and doing it within a concise and easily understandable framework -- is what is presented. Whether you are involved in an ROI sales model, a technical sales model, a price benefit model, or commodity sales, the lessons in this sleek volume comprise the essential elements for making your sales force successful: having that first principle substructure that allows you to build industry and product specific sales.

Again, I understand you know this already. But there is a reason sales reps usually have a 90 day probationary period. We expect them to take 90 days to ramp up. I will reduce that by 30 days or more. What I do is offer the training is a single 8 hour session that frees up your time and gets your sales reps on the phone setting meetings the first week. This results in more appointments, more deals, and more purchase orders; faster.

We are available to discuss on site training at your convenience. In early 2024, I will offer paid seminars for up to 20 individuals in regional hotel conference rooms.

Our team is here to help, please contact us to schedule a time to meet and discuss your needs in more detail.


Kind Regards,

Chris Hicks

APAC Director

SVS Risk Group