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How many First Aid Responders are Required in a Workplace?


One of the first question we are asked by company managers is how many CPR trained first responders do I need? The answer needs some explanation and is not as simple as a number in a one-size fits all fashion. The reason for this is the number depends on the number of staff as well as the risk level of a particular workplace. In this article, we will look at recommendations for high risk and low risk workplaces.

Risk level is a factor in requirements assessment

In short, an office environment generally tends to be low risk. High risk workplace examples include: a construction site, warehouse, or manufacturing facility, where the nature of the work and the equipment used increases the likelihood of an accident occurring.

There are codes that give guidance in this answer and we can meet with you to cover the Thailand legal requirements and discuss the specifics, however as a general guideline, the following chart is a good starting point:


Low Risk Environment High Risk Environment
1 to 5      1 Responder 1 Responder
5 to 25 1 Responders  2 Responders
25 to 50 2 Responders 3 Responders
50 to 100 3 Responders 4 Responders

Please note that our recommendations are for guidance only, a full first aid needs assessment is required to give a more definitive answer specific to your workplace.

Our team is here to help, please contact us to schedule a time to meet and discuss your needs in more detail.

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APAC Director SVS Risk Group