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25 things to never put on your resume



And no, the resume is not to get you a job. Yes, really.

The resume is your two-page marketing pitch document. 

The purpose: To get you an interview. 

It's the job interview that is meant to provide you with a job opportunity and offer.

  • The CV is a long-many-page document that I call the Career Balance Sheet. 
  • It's a document you keep for yourself, and from which you copy the relevant information and paste on onto a two-page resume. 

That way, the resume becomes a summary of your CV.

Like anything else in our daily lives, fashion keeps changing. 

Look back 10 or 20 years and notice how cars, buildings, clothing, hairstyle, and so on, looked like. Even the once-popular font Times New Roman is out.

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25 things to never put on your resume

The Business Insider published a great article on what the modern resume looks like. I used this as inspiration to share this list and have added my own comments as well. Read more…


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