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IGCSE and AS Levels Results 2023



We are thrilled to announce the outstanding results achieved by our students in the IGCSE and AS Level examinations at DBS Denla British School. These results are a testament to the hard work, dedication, and resilience of our students and teachers. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our students for their remarkable achievements.



IGCSE Results


  • 59% of examinations were graded A*/A (9-7)
  • 93% of examinations were graded A*-C (9-4)

These results are truly remarkable and reflect the commitment of our students to excel in their studies. As a British Curriculum school, we closely monitor educational developments in the UK, and it's important to note that regulatory bodies in the UK are returning student grades to pre-COVID levels. To put this achievement into perspective, this year UK private schools reported that 46.6% of their students obtained a grade of 7 or above (A*/A). Given this context, the accomplishments of our students become even more impressive.

We would like to recognise the exceptional individual achievements of the following students:

Aom: 6A* and 6A, Chess: 5A* and 5A, PunPun: 5A* and 3A, Ellie: 4A* and 4A

Every one of our students has reason to be proud of their accomplishments, and they have positioned themselves for continued success as they progress to Year 12. 



AS Level Results - An Impressive Start

59% of examinations were graded A
72% of examinations were graded A-B

These results are particularly impressive for our first Year 12 cohort and indicate a promising journey ahead as they complete the final year of A levels in the upcoming academic year.

We also want to acknowledge the exceptional individual achievements of the following AS Level students:
Yoyo: 4A with a near-perfect score in maths (298/300), Chen Chen: 4A, Bambam: 4A, Mild: 3A and 1B

While the spotlight often shines on top grades, we are equally proud of students who worked diligently to achieve their grades. Every student at DBS Denla British School has something to be proud of, and many have positioned themselves for continued excellence as they move on to Year 13.

These remarkable results are a testament to the dedication of our students and the unwavering support of our teachers and parents. We look forward to supporting our students in their academic journey as they continue to excel and achieve their goals

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Congratulations DBS World Scholar's Cup Teams - Next Station YALE!


Huge congratulations to the brilliant minds of the DBS Team during the Bangkok Global Round! 🌟 They've secured their spot in Tournament of Champion of the World Scholar's Cup at Yale University from 2-8 November 2023, and we couldn't be prouder.

Student’s individual performance:

🥇21 Gold Medals: Vincenzo (1), Jani (1), Puth (3), Baiploo (1), Charming (3), Lene (3), Ethan (4), Aom (5)

🥈 28 Silver Medals: Porsche (1), Vincenzo (1), Jani (3), Puth (3), Baiploo (4), Charming (3), Lene (3), Ethan (5), Aom (5)

Next Station YALE University🌟📖✨


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Prep to Senior Open Day


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