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Tom Sorensen | NPAworldwide

3 things most HR Managers, sadly, still don't get




But here’s the sad news, the unexpected truth of the matter. 

During the last 20 years of interviewing HR Managers and five years since I wrote on this particular subject, I have personally experienced that 80% of the candidates could not answer three basic labour law questions correctly. 


What is life-long learning?

No Sir and Ma'am, lifelong learning is not about how you live a long life (as too many managers conveniently think) – lifelong learning is about how you must never and never stop learning. Read more…


Test your Labour Law knowledge: 3 questions

Will you pass the "exam". Can you answer? Read more…


What does the Labour Law say about probation?

Imagine your boss is hiring a new manager he knows from a previous company where they worked together. Your boss does not want to include a probation period in the employment agreement. Read more…


What is the notice period to terminate an employment? 

If your answer to the question in the header is 30 days, you are wrong! Read more…


How do you terminate an employee during probation?

The Labour Law does not mention the term probation period. Hence and obviously, there can be no special clause for it. Read more…


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