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Are you paying too high fees to recruiters – or too little?




Recruiters are pulling wool over your eyes; deceiving and misleading you to hide what is really going on behind the scenes.

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry can set up a recruitment business, so not a surprise that the concepts of moral right and wrong are relative and mean different things to Dick and Harry.

The extremely low investment to set yourself up as a headhunter, a coach, or a consultant, is obviously attractive to many. 

No one bothers and you can call yourself any of the three names - headhunter, coach, consultant – without having a qualification, academic background, work experience, or business license.

Calling yourself Headhunter when all you do is shopping on LinkedIn is not right. It would have been a case for Thailand’s Office of the Consumer Protection Board if recruitment was not a B2B service. Oh well.

How are recruitment fees calculated

Your third-party recruitment company, or executive search firm, calculates its service fee as a percentage of the successful candidate’s first year’s annual income. Read more…

But as they say, the devil is in the details

A fee of 33% of the annual income equals four months’ salary. A fee of 25% is the same as three months’ salary. Read more…

Majority of contingent searches are never completed

As much as up to 80% of jobs that the contingency recruiter works on will remain unsuccessful and unfilled. Not my words but recruitment colleagues of mine. 
Read more…

Sorry to be blunt about this one

Sorry to be blunt about this, but you are very wrong if you think the service is similar and… Read more…


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