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Swissotel Bangkok Ratchada

The allure of our exquisitely crafted mooncake promotion continues with an extension of the Early Bird Exclusive until the end of August 2023 at Swissôtel Bangkok Ratchada.




The celebration of the mid-autumn festival is far from over, and the heartwarming spirit continues to bind families and friends together in celebration. Our mooncakes have always represented more than mere desserts; they embody centuries-old customs, reinforce family bonds, and share the joy of celebration. By extending our Early Bird Special, we aim to ensure that the beauty of this tradition is accessible to as many of you as possible, without compromise.


Imagine gathering with your loved ones beneath the gentle glow of the moon, exchanging stories, laughter, and savoring the rich flavors of our meticulously crafted mooncakes. Each bite takes you on a journey through time, paying homage to the past while celebrating the present.


Seize this moment to prolong the festive ambiance with our exclusive offer. Secure your order now to enfold your Mid-Autumn Festival in the embrace of tradition and the indulgence of authentic flavors. Let us continue weaving this tapestry of shared memories, as the moon's luminance casts its enchanting glow upon our hearts.


Choose from our selection of 6 delightful flavors to suit your preference.


  • Durian with salted egg yolk
  • Ngao Ying with salted egg yolk
  • Lotus seed with salted egg yolk
  • Custard with salted egg yolk
  • Truffle with salted egg yolk
  • Cranberry


Swissôtel Bangkok Ratchada Mooncakes are available for an exclusive price at THB 888 net per box 4 pieces (regularly priced at THB 1,088 net per box) from now until 31 August 2023.


Available for pick-up at the hotel from now until 29 September 2023.


To place your order or inquire about our early bird, Book through

LINE Shopping at
Megatix at


Let's celebrate unity, let's celebrate tradition, and let's celebrate YOU!


Order now and be a part of Exquisitely Crafted Mooncakes.


For more information, please call 02 694 2222 or contact us through Line OA: @SwissotelBKK