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5 tips to bridge Thai and Western working culture




It is no wonder that foreign executives and Thai colleagues or staff at times find each other complete idiots. 😯

Just think of these potential pitfalls: 

  • Do you use first name or last name addressing each other
  • Body language
  • Passing on something with right or left hand
  • Greeting gestures like soft or hard hand-shake
  • Dress-code like wearing long- or short sleeve dress shirt in business, 
  • Gift-giving, social customs, and behavioural protocols.

What may be considered perfectly acceptable and natural in one country, can be confusing or even offensive in another. 

So, when you work internationally or interact daily with other people from different countries, within your company or with others abroad, it’s essential to be aware of cultural differences. 

There are literally hundreds of books written about cultural dimensions. Attempting to draw any conclusions from just one blog will indeed seem foolish. I agree. But here it is. 


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