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Tom Sorensen | NPAworldwide

7 ways to evaluate a 

headhunter in 30 seconds



You know the feeling when a headhunter calls you. If you ever got the call that is?

You think to yourself: Finally, someone found me, someone discovered my talent, the big salary and company car coming my way. And my neighbours will surely notice my new status.

Sure, it’s absolutely fine that you feel a sense of pride being sought after; on the other hand, you don’t want to run around the office with your arms up and let your manager and colleagues know who just called you.

Jealousy is always a bad thing. It may even lead to suspicion by your bosses and colleagues that you are contemplating an exit in the near future.

Perhaps more importantly, even though the headhunter called does not mean you already got the job. Better keep your hair on as they say in English (keep calm and do not over-react).

How recruiters offer fake jobs to candidates

You must vet and qualify the recruiters who call you. Don’t choose someone who is rude and aggressive. Read more…

Advice number 1: Ask recruiter to call back

You are in control and if you don’t have complete privacy then don’t even attempt to answer with hints or suggestive comments. Read more…


Advice 2: Great headhunters say their name

If the recruiter’s email comes from a free email account, such as Gmail or Hotmail, it’s bogus and you better ignore it. And don’t take that call the next day! Read more…


Advice 3: Did they check out your LinkedIn profile? 

Perhaps you have a profile on LinkedIn; ask the recruiter if they have seen it. Read more…


Advice 4: Is the job real or bogus?

Protect your resume and reputation as if it was your social security number. Too many humbugs will broadcast your personal details unsolicited to make some quick money. Read more…


Advice 5: Don’t share your compensation details 

Believe me; no professional headhunter will start a conversation about your career by asking what your salary is. Read more…


Advice 6: Is it a retained search or contingency job?

To avoid disappointment and get your expectations right, always ask the recruiter if their assignment is a retained search or a contingency job. Read more…


Advice 7: Zoom, Office or Starbucks?

If the recruiter wants to meet you first, that’s a good sign, but there is a but. This but. Read more…


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