Bangkok Patana School

Tasty Thai Food with Mark Wiens




In their learning unit focused on Amazing Thailand, Year 1 students were treated to an exciting experience – a cooking class delivered by Mark Wiens! Mark is a travel- and food-blogger with a staggering total of almost 10 million YouTube subscribers and a recent TV series on HBO. As well as having a screen presence, he also organises and delivers food tours in Bangkok and has a restaurant called ‘Phed Mark’ located in Ekkamai.


Mark Wiens was keen for the students to experience the preparation and tasting of the delicious traditional Thai dish, Som Tam. Mark demonstrated how to make this classic dish by combining green papaya, tomatoes, Thai garlic, Thai chilies, long beans, fish sauce, palm sugar and lime juice. As the students have been learning to use adjectives in their writing, they watched some of Mark’s videos to appreciate his rich use of vocabulary. Mark has a gift for injecting his passion for food into both his language and delivery when on screen and it was a joy to see this happening live at Bangkok Patana! He always uses a plethora of incredible adjectives to describe not only the taste, but also the smell and textures of the wide range of amazing foods and drinks he has sampled. Thank you, Mark Wiens, for this ‘tasty’ experience!


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