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3 most successful profiles for Head of HR – go hire!


Would it be fair to suggest that your company should learn from this research when thousands of company executives agree and seek these 3 personality profiles for the Head of HR?

Employers around the world have created over 20,000 Job Targets for the human resources manager role. 

If you look at this research, there are three of 17 different personality profiles, that show up time and time again.

These three most successful HR profiles are outgoing and well-liked, they have influence and are enthusiastic in their communications.

Don’t be fooled by the dance of a manipulator during the job interview.

You see, as experienced communicators, human resources candidates are skilled at navigating difficult conversations and making all parties feel good about the outcome. 

But the ability to navigate these conversations in an interview is not an indicator that they’ll excel at the other aspects of the job, such as managing a team and helping to make strategic business decisions.

Top HR profile: The Persuader 

Top HR profile: The Captain

Top HR profile: The Maverick

If 20,000+ companies agree, why not you?

Don’t leave hiring to a gut feeling!

You are not alone, use science and smart hiring practices

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