PrimoCare Medical Center

PrimoCare Medical Clinic at La Villa Ari




B.Grimm opened its fourth branch of "PrimoCare Medical Clinic" at La Villa Ari, aiming to provide holistic health care services and establish a strong foundation of sustainable health for Thai people.

Mr. Ken Yamachi, Senior Vice President for Medical Service, revealed that B.Grimm Health Care, a health business under B.Grimm, has recently opened its fourth branch of "PrimoCare Medical Clinic" at La Villa Ari, located in the center of the city, adjacent to the BTS Ari station. The company aims to expand its services to new customers and build a well-known brand, focusing on office workers and young professionals in the surrounding area, as well as the general public. In addition to the prototype branch at White House Building, B.Grimm's headquarters on White House Building, Krungthep Kreetha Rd, which opened in February 2021, the company opened two more branches in the city center at Empire Tower and Silom Complex, with the goal of having a total of five branches by the end of this year. The concept of PrimoCare Medical Clinic is different from other clinics, with a focus on providing comprehensive health care services centered around the patient, rather than just treating specific symptoms or illnesses. The approach aims to take into account various factors that affect the patient's health.



"PrimoCare Medical focuses on easy, convenient, and fast access. We are like a personal doctor that you can trust to take care of your health in every aspect, whether it's promoting good health, preventing various diseases, treating illnesses, recovering health, or even coordinating referral treatments with specialized experts. You can be confident that you will receive continuous, attentive care at every stage of life, from normal times to times of feverish illness."

"In terms of services, PrimoCare Medical Clinic covers various areas such as general disease screening and treatment, chronic disease screening and risk assessment such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, and allergies. In addition, we also provide psychiatric therapy, physical therapy, and nutritional therapy, as well as personalized health advice and annual health check-ups. We focus on professionalism with a team of expert doctors who have undergone a rigorous screening process, and we currently have partnerships with various hospitals to select medical personnel to work at the clinic, as well as providing consultation services in various areas."

"We believe that PrimoCare will change the way Thai people take care of their health, raising awareness for disease prevention, which will help Thai people to have sustainable good health." said Mr. Ken Yamajichi, regarding PrimoCare's mission.