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Why do CEOs not pay more attention to what HR is “not” doing?


Really depressing to keep bashing my friends in the HR community. Why are so many continuing to ignore and mistreat job candidates?


HR is not only causing harm to individuals but also hurting the corporate image of their company. The shocking story coming up a point in case.


But don’t shoot the messenger (me) for continuing to share the horror stories, experienced by real people like you and me, who happen to be in a recruitment process they end up regretting.


It's important to shed light on the unacceptable hiring practices of some HR departments and to raise awareness about this issue.


It's crucial that someone brings to the attention the negative impact their discriminatory practices and lack of courtesy have on the company's reputation. 


CEOs should pay more attention to what HR is doing, rather not doing, hold them accountable and demand that they implement hiring practices that treat candidates as well as the company treats their customers.


If you are the CEO or Head of HR, use the following story that was shared with me recently after my blog on 9 Reason I Declined The Job Offer as a checklist on how your own systems and procedures are working.


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