IT Luggage (Thailand) Ltd

IT Luggage (Thailand) Ltd




For nearly 40 years* we have focused on designing luggage that meets the travel needs of our customers.  Our focus has and always will remain on our founding principles – Design, Innovation, Quality and Value.

Back in the early days, we started as luggage importers, at that time luggage was bland, boxy, and generally black….BORING! …..and this is when the vision was born….What if we designed it ourselves?

We could approach suitcase design a bit differently, sure it's functional but can’t it be beautiful yet affordable too?

What if we started with colour and inspiring designs?
What if the breadth of our offering gave customers real choice?
What if we did all this but through clever design, development, purchasing, and excellent supply chain relationships, we could do this at a reasonable price?
And as they say, the rest is history, it luggage’s history.

We start with the customer and their journey…..
What if you need to shop (a lot!) on this trip? We invented the first expandable hard side suitcase.

What if your case tips over when you put your laptop in the front pocket? We designed wheels which offset the centre of gravity on laptop cases.

What if that tour operator only lets you take 15kg of luggage for a two-week trip?
Well, that’s why in 2007 the “World's lightest wide handle” suitcase collection was born.

What if I’ve got winter gloves on and can’t fit your hand into the suitcase carry-handle?
Yes, we even think of these absolute minute details too….some may say we dot the i’s and cross the t’s!
We design with the traveller in mind and rigorously test every creation to ensure it stands up to the challenges that real life and real journeys throw at them.

Feel free to send us your luggage bugbears, and you never know we might just come up with the solution!

*Company originally formed in 1985 as Landor International, later acquiring Hawa International in 1996 before rebranding as it luggage in 2012.
Still proudly owner managed to this day.