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How to Build a Solid Executive Brand on LinkedIn




I'm David Norcross, the CEO and founder of Lexicon. We are, among other things, a personal branding company for executives in Bangkok, Thailand.


I have about 20,000 connections on LinkedIn, the majority of whom are from Thailand. As a result, I frequently meet people at events who already know who I am, even though I have never met them before. That's what Mark Schaefer means by ‘KNOWN’ in his book by that title.


KNOWN was the first book "to teach you, step by step, how the most successful people focus their efforts, make a plan, and activate their personal brand in a measurable way."


Having a strong professional network makes sense from a business point of view. So, what are the tricks to building it?


First, determine who your target audience is. LinkedIn makes it very simple to connect with people who fit your ideal demographic. You can narrow your search by location, job title, and industry. So there’s nothing stopping you from connecting with, for example, every HR manager working in the automotive industry in Pattaya.


Second, be very open about who you connect with. For me, I'll accept connections as long as they're in Thailand and their profile isn't too bizarre.


Many people on LinkedIn are overly cautious about who they accept, which I believe is a mistake. Consider LinkedIn to be a networking event; you never know where your next business opportunity will come from.


Another important aspect that most people overlook is connecting with people they already know, such as clients, colleagues, leads, and so on. This is an excellent way to stay in touch and maintain the greatest possible useful reach without having to do much.


My friend compares every LinkedIn post view to a cold call to remind clients you are still available. And his posts reach thousands of potential clients on a daily basis. Do your posts have the same impact? Working with a video production company in Bangkok may help you get there.

The importance of executive branding


Qnary's recent study uncovered some fascinating data from the pandemic and post-pandemic eras.


The report says that 93% of B2B marketers think LinkedIn is the best site for getting leads, even though those leads are often indirect.


Perhaps more impressively, LinkedIn accounts for 64% of all traffic to corporate websites.


So, why is executive branding important?


To begin with, LinkedIn's algorithm prioritises personal accounts over business accounts. And unlike the 'opt in' approach required to get someone to follow your business page, you can connect with whoever you want through a personal account.


And consider this: Doesn't it feel much better to interact with a real person rather than an abstract corporate logo?


According to the same Qnary survey, 65% of professionals are more likely to buy goods or services from a company whose executives they follow online.


LinkedIn is the best B2B marketing tool ever created, and you can use it to the fullest from the comfort of your own desk. If you are too busy to manage an active and engaging account, outsource your executive brand to Lexicon. We'll develop a customised strategy for you, write all of your posts, produce creative videos and interviews with you, and connect you with your target audience.


It certainly worked for me, and it can work for you as well.

Lexicon is a digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand. We use branded storytelling to connect our clients with their ideal audience through social media marketing, website design, video production, branding, copywriting, and a full range of Bangkok creative agency services, as well as our Bangkok translation service. All work is done in-house by our talented, internationally-minded team of creative storytellers, and every project is created bespoke to suit our clients’ needs.