Bangkok Patana School

Education-Focused Visit from Kasetsart University




Visitors from Kasetsart University came to Bangkok Patana School to learn more about British educational management, focusing on school and curriculum management. The visitors included five PhD students and one Assistant Professor from the Faculty of Education. The key points of their visit included: overall school curriculum management, development of school curriculum management and current trends, highlights of our school’s curriculum management and comparative analysis of school policies.


During their time on campus, the visitors learned about how our school values are integrated throughout both the curriculum and school environment. Our School Management team is always glad to welcome such visitors, further strengthening our commitment to educational development and the support of our local community. Through the exchange of ideas and best practices, we are able to work towards improved educational integrity. We were pleased to share our best practices. Thank you to the Faculty of Education, Kasetsart University for spending some time with us!