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3 Ways to Use LinkedIn More Effectively


Nearly two-thirds of the world’s population already use social media, with more signing up every day. This level of popularity creates excellent business opportunities – as well as challenges, since such broad audiences make it harder for companies to isolate and target the precise demographics with whom they seek to connect.

LinkedIn remains the social media platform of choice for the business community, facilitating B2B connections as well as personal and professional brand building. Yet while the platform’s strengths as a storytelling platform are well known, some of its most effective targeting tools remain under-utilised. To help you make the most of your LinkedIn experience, we’re highlighting three of these semi-hidden features below.


  • Advanced filters

LinkedIn allows for precise audience targeting by virtue of its ‘and’ & ‘or’ filters. By joining together search terms with these words, professionals and companies can narrow down their audience targeting efforts by specifying any combination of attributes such as job title, work function, level of seniority, personal hobbies, and more.

Customising your marketing parameters in this way allows for vastly greater flexibility, helping you reach the specific groups of people you’re trying to find. If you want to target your posts at electrical engineers with a senior title or above, for example, you can tailor your campaign to specify these and other attributes such as their years of experience. You can even create additional filters, such as excluding organisations based on their name or size.


  • Smart search

LinkedIn’s toolkit can also help with a related problem: Knowing who you want to contact, but not having enough precise information to follow through. Perhaps the person you’re looking for has a common name like Smith, and you don’t have their email address.

For this type of situation, LinkedIn includes search fields such as their job title, business name, mobile device ID, and more. When marketers use these fields, they can often narrow down their search considerably – and greatly increase the likelihood of connecting with the right person. The result is improved micro-targeting as well as the ability to develop more precise specialist groups while expanding your reach.


  • Tailored forecasting panels

A common frustration among marketers boils down to the difficulty of ensuring that their funds are being spent wisely on social media platforms. In response, LinkedIn has developed a better forecasting panel within its Campaign Manager system. The panel now helps users better identify reach, type, and expenditure – and even includes a customisation option to let users orient their dashboards around the statistics they are most interested in.


Taken together, these tools can make your marketing efforts far more effective, helping you save time and money by more effectively targeting the precise groups of people you’re trying to reach. Our digital agency in Bangkok can help you make the most of these tools, along with many others on LinkedIn and the other popular social networks. For more help with targeted posting, or with generating consistently high-quality content, contact our social media agency in Bangkok, Thailand today.