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3 Effective Ways to Develop a Strong Website


Developing a good website is an essential step for any business looking to earn positive first impressions and improve its search engine rankings. But what is a good website?

Though this question may appear simple, answering it requires a certain amount of technical literacy. Here, our digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand highlights a few of the often-overlooked strategies to incorporate when designing a killer website.

1.Prioritise Speed

Websites are expected to load in under 2 seconds; much longer and visitors might lose interest. The challenge for most website owners is how to balance their multimedia content, which leaves a lasting impression on users, yet tend to drag out loading times. Some tips to consider:

  • Image and video size should be optimised or reduced to a certain limit on each page, as part of a more simplistic website design. Utilising a website builder can also help improve speed.
  • Caching can improve speed for users, as it enables multimedia content to be stored in the browser without users having to download it during each visit.
  • Server page caching will reduce the time needed to access the initially stored cache files. This process works by keeping a snapshot of your pages for your Content Management System (CMS), letting visitors avoid having to reload your page again on return visits.


For other technical tricks to improve speed, companies looking to benefit from both attractive visuals and solid user content can get in touch with our video production agency in Bangkok, Thailand.


2.Make navigation simple

Speed will help visitors arrive more easily, whereas navigation will keep them on your page.

By contrast, poor design will make it difficult for anyone to explore your website. Filling your pages with eye candy and multimedia content, while forgetting to pay attention to easy navigation, will hurt your visitor and engagement numbers.

Navigation should be straightforward, with easy-to-find menu buttons like “About Us” or “Get in Touch” so that visitors can find the information they need without expending much effort. Adding a search tab can also help to improve the user experience.

Both our website design agency and creative motion graphics agency, Thailand can help you to design an attractive navigation system.


3.Maintain device responsiveness

With over 6 billion smartphone users worldwide, optimising your website to automatically scale on portable devices is crucial. Incorrect image and text formatting can render your website unreadable, ultimately driving off potential visitors.

To overcome this challenge, take the time to ensure that your site works seamlessly across all types of devices. A well-balanced design for all types of displays can create a hassle-free experience. Though this goal requires extra programming skill, our digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand can help make it happen.


The face of your brand

Your website is, in large part, the digital expression of your brand. Companies should therefore invest in an effective website, using the techniques mentioned above.

The lessons above are easy to understand in theory, but putting them into practice requires real-world skill and experience. Contact our digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand to get started.