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5 things to take off your resume right now

Are you sure your resume lives up to 2022 standards?

Few people know how to write a professional resume that gets attention. What about you?

Doesn’t it seem like fashion in writing profiles keep changing? And why not when fashion does in clothing, cars, buildings, eyewear, and you name it.

Just as you think you’ve got it; you read or hear that there are new and better ways to introduce yourself? Go straight to the entire blog story here.

Amateurs look old-fashioned, out-dated, incompetent
I’ve worked in Executive Recruitment – and that’s for a living – the last 20 years. I have already seen more resume and LinkedIn profiles than most people do in a lifetime.

I see many resume and LinkedIn writers who are good with words but have no idea what recruiters are looking for.

Why? Because they are writers, authors, journalists, and other good people – but they have never worked in the recruitment industry.

Here comes 5 things you really should remove from your resume.

1.Career Objective
There is nothing more out of fashion than starting with a Career Objective.

Continue reading and get a tip for the alternative to Career Objective.

2.Extreme Formatting
Your resume must be compliant with the app (the ATS) that most companies and recruitment firms are using to manage the thousands or millions of resumes and CVs that they receive.

Continue reading and learn how to make sure your resume gets accepted by the ATS.

3.Job Description or Achievements
We know what an HR Manager does. We know what you do in Accounting & Finance. We know the job of salespeople.

So, what does that mean for you? Continue reading here.

4.Hobbies and Interests
• We don’t need to know that you play guitar in a rock-band.
• We don’t really want to hear that you love spending your weekends rock climbing in Krabi.
• Nor does it have any relevance that you have taking a week’s course to learn cookie baking.

So are there any hobbies you should include? Continue reading.

5.Reference List
Listing names and contact details of people a new employer or recruiter can contact if you are the chosen candidate is taking valuable space on your 2-page resume.

Learn how to get around the reference list. Read it here.

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